SEP/KUOZ reporting

PUG contact person: Marijke Folgering (University of Groningen)

In the Netherlands all universities are required to report on research output* and research FTE’s and funding

  • On a yearly basis conform KUOZ (“Kengetallen Universitair Onderzoek”; key figures for university research)
  • On a (three or) six yearly basis in the research visitation cycle, according to SEP (“Standaard Evaluatie Protocol voor kwaliteitszorg onderzoek”; Standard Evaluation Protocol regarding research quality)

*Although within Pure research output only refers to publications, we generally speak about research output in a broader sense, including not only publications but also research activities, prizes, press/media output and research data.

To facilitate reporting conform KUOZ resp. SEP, a SEP/KUOZ module has been realized in Pure. Currently this module offers views on SEP and KUOZ research output and on research fte’s and funding.

This the global planning for further developments:

  • October 2018:
    • Improvements on the upload functionality and the (internal) presentation of research fte’s and funding
    • Improvements to the presentation of KUOZ views (removing 3-years limit)
    • Extending configuration options with respect to the SEP reporter role and the visibility of the SEP tab for Persons
  • February 2019: Extending reporting possibilities on SEP and KUOZ output with datasets


  • Enabling reporting possiblities on SEP/KUOZ in the new reporting module