SEP/KUOZ reporting

PUG contact person: Marijke Folgering (University of Groningen)

In the Netherlands all universities are required to report on research output* and research FTE’s and funding

  • On a yearly basis conform KUOZ (“Kengetallen Universitair Onderzoek”; key figures for university research)
  • On a (three or) six yearly basis in the research visitation cycle, according to SEP (“Standaard Evaluatie Protocol voor kwaliteitszorg onderzoek”; Standard Evaluation Protocol regarding research quality)

*Although within Pure research output only refers to publications, we generally speak about research output in a broader sense, including not only publications but also research activities, prizes, press/media output and research data.

To facilitate reporting conform KUOZ resp. SEP, a SEP/KUOZ module has been realized in Pure. This module offers views on SEP and KUOZ research output and on research fte’s and funding.